Aerial and Underground Network Construction Experts | Blue Streak LLC

Build Capabilities

Our highly trained teams specialize in Aerial & Underground Network Construction and Project Management.

Service Overview

We measure our construction by utilizing a web-based system of data collection to facilitate our team with a mobile infrastructure to ensure the highest quality results. Our system ensures an on-demand ability to meet our customer’s strategic needs with the ability to move fast and the flexibility to grow with them.


Here are the Build Capabilities we offer:

  • Fiber Backhaul & MUD Rebuilds – Manhole/Hand-Hole Placements
  • Fiber Optic Underground, and Aerial Construction
  • Fiber Optic Splicing, Termination, and Testing
  • In-building Cable & Wiring
  • Comprehensive Project Management & Plant Inspection
  • Cloud-based production management tools

Aerial Network Construction:

    • Aerial Fiber Drops
    • Aerial Lash and Strand Construction
    • Bridge/Interstate crossings
    • Cable De-Lash / Re-Lash
    • Cable Placement
    • Pole Transfers
    • River crossings
    • Riser Placements

Underground Construction:

    • Conduit Placing/Pulling
    • Cable Pulling/Blowing – Fiber & Copper, Coax
    • Interstate Bores
    • River Bores
    • Trenching – Single Trenching, Multi Unit Joint Trenching
    • Underground Fiber Construction
    • Rodding / Manhole Services
    • Pole Placement / Removal
    • Cabinet / Grounding / Conduit Sweeps
    • All Entrance Facility Work